Monday, May 21, 2012

Belle's Library~ Mister Rococo

One of my MN Lolita friends just posted the full short film, Mister Rococo, in our FB comm so I will share it here!

It is short, but quite fun to watch. No spoilers until after the jump!

Personally, I really enjoyed it because I wasn't expecting any morals or real plot. I know some other Lolitas found it disappointing because they were expecting more of a Shimotsuma Monogatari-type film, but if you take this just for light-hearted fun, it's great!

I liked the room views and her deco'd weight as well as her cute exercise outfits. Several years ago I actually designed a Lolita-inspired workout outfit after some slight drama on EGL (regarding wearing Lolita to the gym, if anybody was around for that) and after watching this, I want to make the outfit!

Although she has quite a frightening figure in the end, it was funny to see her take down Vancouver Cat and get revenge on her ex

Slight tangent, but in school I have a class called Creative Basic where I am making a mask. I finished the wire base and realized...

It looks like Yuri's wrestling mask!!

Don't worry, mine will end up looking more like a 3D version of Lilith's head:



Sorry for the lack of real posts - school is much busier than I can manage on top of my jobs!
What do you think of Mister Rococo?