Monday, June 11, 2012

Lolita Runway Challenge: Project Summer

I was chatting with another Lolita and came up with the idea for a Project Runway-type challenge that spans the summer. If successful, there could be more challenges in the future, but we're starting simple for now.

The timeline would, of course, be much longer than the Project Runway timeline.
1) Challenge Announcement
2) Fashion Sketch or Fashion Drawing or Technical Flats (basically, get your idea in)
3) Material Hunt
4) Drape, Pattern, Alter, etc.
5) Sew forever
6) Photo and post!

The first challenge would be to make a replica, but you can change the details. It still must be obvious which dress you are replicating (I wanted everybody to replicate the same dress to see everybody's take on it, but that can change). This would be an easier first challenge because you can simply make an exact replica if altering patterns or designing are not your forte. This allows beginners to participate as well as seasoned seamstresses (see if you can make it EXACTLY like the original!)

Would anybody be interested in a fun little challenge like this? There would be deadlines for each step that you have to meet or you are eliminated. Nobody will be eliminated by judges, only by missing deadlines unless there is a good reason for a delay.

Summer is a good time to brush up on your sewing skills and flex those creativity muscles! Even if you are not interested or able to participate, please help to spread the word in case anybody else would like to try :)

In two weeks' time, if there is any interest we can set up the timeline ^u^v

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. I would LOVE to hear them!!! I have never run anything like this before so I think it would be lovely to hear your thoughts! I may be forgetting important details or setting the bar too high/low, so let me know!