Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcoming 2013 With a New Tradition!

As 2012 comes to a close, I hope you are all spending the long weekend or winter break with your closest family and friends!
I spent the weekend with my mom, which was really nice.
I also received a belated Christmas package from my friends in Minnesota, which included a haunted house kit! You may remember the disastrous gingerbread house from last year's Christmas.

So with this nifty kit in hand, I decided to make my own New Year tradition of making a chocolate cookie house!
OK, the real reason was just that it is a fun thing to do and it is what I spent the better part of today doing! More photos under the jump~

The lovely front door! Open the door to new opportunities in the coming year!

An adorable bat for good luck in the window~ Bats are a symbol of fortune (as in being fortunate) in Chinese tradition :)

The back of the house! The scallops were supposed to look like a cobweb pattern, but I think it looks more like upside-down layers of lace or ruffles because I didn't make them spiky enough... ^^;

Some different angled shots

A size comparison with Teddy!

Last year's house for comparison. This year's house definitely has less decapitation and tumor-chimney involved.

How was 2012? Best moments? Worst? What is your biggest wish for 2013?
My best moment was surviving the worst apocalypse ever! Just kidding, it was moving out and becoming financially independent in September ^_~
My worst moment was the hospital stay in October. Failing more than half my classes might actually top that though... (sh!)
My biggest wish for 2013 is to regain my focus and motivation for school, and to wear Lolita more! After school started I wore Lolita much less!