Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

When we think of "seasons" we normally imagine spring showers, summer sun, autumn leaves, and winter snow.
In Minnesota, we had the lovely four seasons of Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Road Construction.
Here in Taiwan, we have Spring, Summer, Still Summer, and Typhoon Season.
For the past few years, I have been putting up with wet socks and soaked shoes. Glass socks are a nice alternative to regular socks and they dry out very quickly like nylons, but wet shoes are still rather uncomfortable. This week it has been very rainy (which is too bad because it's the Tomb-Sweeping Festival so it must be a real bother with the rain!) I finally got a pair of rain shoes last week, and they're stylish as well as functional!

I am PRETTY sure the pair I got is a knock-off (though I didn't realize it at the time), but a good brand of rain-friendly shoes is Melissa. I'd seen these designs around at department stores, but never actually tried them on. They are really great for the rainy seasons though, because they don't absorb water at all so they dry very quickly and you don't need to wear socks.

I first saw a cute pair of floral plastic shoes at a Lolita meetup when one of the Lolitas wore them with her coordinate and they looked really good!
 photo 536041_3450851071547_1915236216_n_zps7710f7ad.jpg
I ended up getting the peep-toe wedge version of these in pink!

The shoes come in a wide variety of styles, from flats to heels, boots, wedges, etc. so you can find anything for your style!
 photo melissas_zps623c80aa.jpg

Melissa also does collaborations with other designers, and one of my favorites was the Hermes-inspired (the god, not the brand) sandals in a collab with Vivienne Westwood:
 photo vivienne-westwood-melissa-wing-1_zpsaed7e2ac.jpg
It came in a multitude of colors, but gold is really the best :D

This is a really short post just to share this :P Nice idea to stay stylish and functional. There are Lolita snow boots, but not Lolita rain shoes, so I think plastic shoes are a really great option!

If you had to categorize your local weather into four seasons, what would you name them?
And which season do you think is the most difficult to make nice coordinates in?