Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I've Been Up To

I've been quite busy with school. I am in the process of making another dress in hopes of getting into a fashion show.
We only just turned in our portfolios last week, and I need to modify my dress before I get to know whether I am in or out.
The project this time was called Macro to Micro where we took photos of our surroundings and picked a color palette from it, and then used shapes from the photos to create our patterns

We cut shapes and themes from the photos and looked for related images to make two moodboards and one keyword:
Macro to Micro 1 photo A3Moodboard1_zpsc1db2360.jpg
My teacher liked this one because it was more cohesive

Macro to Micro 2 photo A3Moodboard2_zpsfe963aaf.jpg
I like this one because it's brighter

My keyword ended up being "Wanderlust" with the background story of searching for one's secret garden (peace, happiness, etc.)
I wanted to do something brighter since most of my art and fashion projects for school have been dark or depressing and it actually sort of makes me unhappy when I work on them even if I love them. Dwelling continuously on negative things affects my real emotions... maybe I just get too into it!

We then had to make a linup of six colored designs:
 photo 3898432a-6cc7-48c4-bfce-057a177e7adb_zps84e12242.jpg
My teacher had me make a muslin mockup of the second and four outfits, which are actually the same dress just with or without the top. I ended up changing the design of the top because I couldn't pattern it the way I wanted.

The outfit was not finished when I did the photoshoot!! But it was finished enough that a little post-editing and strategic angling could hide that fact:

 photo df59fe19-61bd-4b0c-a86d-bd1f84639791_zpsa26af41e.jpg
Model: HanWen
Everything Else: Me

Still not good at photo-editing :( But at least I am beginning to actually use layers so I can adjust different portions separately!!