Friday, May 16, 2014

Lolita and a Nurse, and Interview with Misako Aoki!

Lolita model and Japan Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki recently gave an interview about her dual life as a Lolita model and a nurse (and she also is a nurse model now I guess).

I thought the interview was very cute. It has been translated into a few languages, and the English language one is here!

Being able to balance Lolita with a regular job 50-50 is probably a dream for everybody. I know I certainly wish my Lolita life could be incorporated into daily life more!!

What is your regular job/school? I'm really curious about what everybody does and if/how Lolita can be worn at the workplace or at school.

I used to wear Lolita to school every day, but now that I have a morning desk job, I no longer do that. So sad!