Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day after Summer International Loliday Meetup! NO LACE

I forgot I hadn't posted about this meetup from June 8! It was another challenge theme meetup: NO LACE
It should come as no surprise that putting together an entire coordinate with zero lace was quite difficult so I actually ended up going with a casual punk Lolita style (at least I got to wear my studded booties!)

 photo P1090327_zps34b79419.jpg
Group photo!

My Outfit:
 photo P1090267_zps5527a8c2.jpg

I added the bolero later because we'd done a group order and were picking up our goods! So yes, there is a bit of lace on the bolero but it didn't count!

For Lolitas who accidentally wore a bit of lace (headdresses and socks were the most common places to overlook) DORO had prepared a funny pair of glasses from Daiso Japan to wear during the self-introduction section. We all ended up having too much fun with the glasses and all took photos!

 photo P1090190_zps9cc2b83e.jpg
Very stylish~

How did you celebrate Internationa Loliday?