Friday, July 25, 2014

Small Daiso Beauty Review

I recently went to the NT$39 shop (US$1.30), Daiso Japan! So here is a quick review of some products I got that I found very worth it at the bargain price.

First: Double layer pill case repurposed as a FALSE LASHES CASE

Available in multiple colors, I chose yellow so I could decorate it to look like Pikachu! I am obsessed with Pokemon ^_~
My name is on the back in Unown. The pill case sizes are perfect for storing lashes, and the top layer can hold tweezers and glue. The packs that false lashes come in tend to be quite fragile and bend or crack easily. I like using pill cases because you can hold multiple styles for mixing or adding accents, and it's small enough to carry around since that's what pill cases are designed for!

Next: Cosmetic Brush and Sponge Cleanser

This is a very highly-rated product everywhere! I tried it out and it does indeed clean any type of brush (I do not use sponges at all, so I cannot comment on that) very quickly and effectively without the need for using much product. I found that squeezing a coin-size amount in my hand was enough to scrub and clean an eyeshadow brush, a liner brush, and a blush brush!

Final: One-Touch Bottle
I have wanted one of these bottles ever since seeing one in a nail salon video!

I also put my name in Unown on it using the negatives from the original sticker cut-out.
This bottle only requires one hand to pump, so I find it very nice for nail varnish remover because you won't accidentally spill the strong-smelling compound all over or waste product!

I did buy some other beauty products, such as false nail bases and double-sided nail stickers, but those are pretty basic and available everywhere at similar prices so I didn't really feel the need to talk about them.

Daiso Japan is really a great place to get some basic items cheaply, and they tend to be very cute! The quality on most items I've found to be OK, especially considering the price point!

Do you have Daiso Japan in your country? If so, what are your favorite products? I'd love to hear others' opinions so I get an idea for what to buy next time I go to a branch shop!