Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Magazine Splurge!

A friend from MN came to Taiwan recently and we had an impromptu meetup and happened across a Japanese magazine store (雜誌瘋) and I spotted two magazines I wanted to buy right away!

The first is this Alice in Wonderland edition that came with a gift of a book-shaped bag, which I was SO excited about!
 photo AliceMagazine_zps0ad9de97.jpg

I've wanted a book-shape bag for ages! The cover advertises it as "Bag in Wonderland" haha! The magazine is full of artist renditions of the original illustrations from both books, original art by the artists, introduction of Alice events, and explanations of the puns in the books. The book is entirely in Japanese, but there is a cute Alice cookies recipe I want to try!

The second is "We Love Pokemon" because I LOVE POKEMON!!! It also came with a gift tote which is the perfect size for going out:
 photo PokemonMag_zpsc3122566.jpg

The front has Pikachu's face and the back has a picture of the new game version Pikachu:
 photo PokemonTote_zpscb9a1464.jpg

Also entirely in Japanese, and has celebrity opinions on Pokemon (boring to me), maps and history of Pokemon games, photos of the Tokyo Pokemon Center, Pokemon goods, and Pokemon nail art! I found that many of the items in the book are actually available here in Taipei ;D

If anybody is interested in the contents I could scan or take photos. Just wanted to share because I'm excited haha!