Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vegetarian Meetup Outfit

This is quite a belated micro-post! We had a vegetarian-themed meetup a few weeks ago. The word for "vegetarian" is 素 which is also the word for solid-color (i.e., no prints) clothing. So the challenge for this meetup was to wear NO PRINTS!

This is my outfit shot:

I did my hair a different way this time; still cannot decide if it looks silly or not! Sort of like floppy dog/bunny ears~

Teddy is also wearing a 素 outfit ;)

The restaurant we went to was called "Egg Milk Tree" because the word for "tree" 樹(shu) is pronounce similarly to 素(su) so "lacto-ovo vegetarian" sounds like "egg milk tree"!

Wow, this post is just full of puns ^^;