Friday, February 27, 2015

Welcoming the New Year in Qi Lolita!

Yesterday I went to the opening for the sheep/ram exhibit that Ano was a part of.  We both decided to get super fancy and wore extremely flashy fashion haha!  I wore the Qi Lolita dress I made... five years ago?  I've only ever worn it once... but this was a perfect occasion to pull it out of the darkness again!
Showcasing Ano's glitzy sheep

A bit blurry, but you can see the bodice better here

Also blurry, but this is one of my favorites! The artist painted sweets!
Please excuse my no-makeup face :P But the blurriness kinda fixes that, right?
Honestly I will probably never get a chance to wear this dress again.  It's just so hard to find an appropriate time to wear these super-sub-style dresses!  All the same, I really do love Qi Lolita, but after learning the proper way to make qipao in Chinese Clothing Construction class, I can say I will probably not be making any proper qipao any time soon ^^;

Speaking of substyles though, I do want to expand my Lolita wardrobe more!  I feel like I think/say that a lot but gosh that costs money!  <b>If you could choose any substyle of Lolita to wear without other people thinking it weird, which would you choose?</b>  I'm torn between Ero and SUPER Punk Lolita!  I haven't the body/confidence to wear Ero Lolita, and it's really not appropriate most of the time, and very difficult to pull off stylishly.  Punk Lolita is hard to get the proper balance without simple falling into pure Punk style.  It'd be a fun challenge for oneself though!

Have a lovely Year of the Sheep/Ram and may all your goals and wishes be fruitful!