Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day and Year of the Ram!

Happy New Year!!
And Happy Valentine's Day if anybody celebrated it :)  This year was the first year I actually had a Valentine so look at this:
We had lavender flavor cake-type waffles

That is ANO, my boyfriend :)  That's not his real name but I don't think he has an English name.  It's his artist working name anyway~
We didn't have any plans really, so we went to a night market for dinner and visited a Lego shop because we both love Legos
Dinner modeled by Teddy
Lego Heaven

Dessert crepe! Red bean matcha
 Then for New Year my mom and I went to Taichung (middle of Taiwan) and up a mountain to look at different types of blossoms.  There were plum, pear, and cherry blossoms.
On the way up
I'm too big to go in the tree so Teddy gets to take this elegant photo instead!
Chinese New Year lasts 15 days but the work week starts on the 24th.  School is going to start then as well.  HAHA NO SCHOOL FOR ME!  Just work T^T

Lots of firecrackers have been going off in the streets these past few days, and today many people are setting up their offerings and burning paper.  Even though it is air pollution and probably not good for the lungs, I really like the smell of incense and the burning papers...

And so, the Year of the Horse is now over (shout out to my fellow Horse friends!) and welcome to Year of the Ram!  ANO has been working on a big project that will be a part of an exhibit and I helped a bit.  Look for photos soon!!

Who here is born in Year of the Ram?  Hope you have a great 12/24/36/48/60th birthday and a great year!