Sunday, January 31, 2016

BABY Happy Pack 2016

I previously mentioned I'd been planning on buying the BABY Happy Pack from either Laina or Hako, and yesterday I received it!  I ended up springing for the lavender colorway, which is lavender X sax blue.

Of course, what you are most interested in in pictures, so I will share them!  The photos are shown with the Classical Puppets bell-shaped petticoat.

I'm quite glad the fabric is not shiny the way it looked in the photos.  It's got a lovely hand and is smooth and nice to touch.  The ribbon is my favorite type of ribbon, smooth and plush. The bow on the center front top is removable so you can wear it at the waist or as an accessory on your bag or elsewhere.

This JSK does NOT have a zipper; it is a pull-on style.

 The back is fully shirred, but with only three lines of shirring - the very top (encased), one in the center (exposed), and then one elastic in the waist (encased.)
 Here you can see the print as well as the scalloped hem and ruffle.  I've never liked the way scallops are finished in BABY's designs, but with this print it's not noticeable unless looking very closely.  And then I'd be more concerned about why your face is that close to my body rather than whether you can notice the line of stitching!
Removable Ribbon

Waist Tie Button
 These are the best buttons!  They are more special than the buttons I have on any other article of clothing and I just find them very cute.
Inner Front
 The dress has a facing in the bodice and the skirt portion is lined with matching fabric.  This is a good way to have a lined dress without the bodice getting too thick, as Lolita fashion is worn with a blouse underneath.  Some of my handmade dresses end up getting a bit stuffy in the humid summer months because I did full linings on all of them.  This may not be a problem depending on where you live, though ^_~
Inner Back
 You can see the shirring I mentioned earlier.  Having only three lines saves on labor costs, and this is indeed a discount item, but it also causes the back to not lay as smoothly if you are nearer the smaller end of the sizing limit.  I think I am wide enough that it won't be a problem.  This is a rare occasion where having a large, wide ribcage works to my advantage!
Here the tag is also visible on the signature pink ribbon with red and gold embroidery.
 Material makeup, care, caution, and country of origin.  This item is made in China.

 The top layer of the ribbon is wired with thin wire, making it poseable for a cute, puffy round look!  I love it!  Previously I made a wired double-layer ribbon, but have since thrown it away...
The lower ribbon tails is soft, not wired.
KC Back
 This view shows the wire function more clearly.  The bottom ribbon is double-sided and the top is single-sided.
 A lovely and simple design on the socks!  I adore the texture of these socks.  They are very smooth with fine fibers.  Knee socks can make your legs look chunky when they are thick, which is something I thought was just a given because all the knee socks I've ever encountered are thick like that.
Knee socks comparison
 This is a clearer example to show the difference I'm talking about.  The bottom pair is Secret Shop knee socks.  In addition to the bulk, you can also see that the fibers are finer in the BABY socks, which gives them a smoother appearance.   I like the thicker socks for winter, but now I have an option for knee socks in warm and humid months as well!
Usakumya and Taiwan Teddy
 I'M SO EXCITED I have my first Usakumya!!  This bear disguised as a bunny is the cutest!  BABY was the first brand to add a mascot character good (as far as my research can tell) and it has been redesigned and resold many times over the years.  This is a small size one, as you can see in this comparison to Teddy.  It is actually a pochette!
 She has a lace bunny bonnet with plush ribbons, and a lace capelet.  Her eyes have two little white sparkle dots in each.
 Due to the opening design, Usakumya's bonnet cannot be taken off.  This clasp opening makes for a larger storage space than a back zipper.  The chain is also removable.
 You can see here that the depth is about 13cm to the very top, or about 10cm to the bottom of the clasp.  The opening is quite narrow, so men may not be able to fit their hands inside.  It also makes this pochette unsuitable for storing small items because your hand cannot reach the bottom easily.  Holding a cell phone or pencils would be more suitable.
Can you tell what this photo is showing?  There was extra work and patterning done at the top of the pochette because it actually reaches into Usakumya's face!  I thought it was cute and funny, because this makes for a really odd inner shape.  I'm not sure what you'd need to store just in her face!

Happy New Year to me! I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos!  I know I certainly enjoyed getting to open up my package and seeing everything in person ^.^  Have a lovely week and don't forget to treat yourself sometimes! (Is that just me trying to justify my purchases???)