Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rar! Large Animals Abound!

First meet-up of the new year (or last of the lunar year)!  The theme this time was one of my choice: large animals!

Of course, there were loads of bears and a horse, but I went for zebra/giraffe, and Doro actually had a giraffe in her skirt print as well!  Not exactly a commonly-seen animal in Lolita fashion (or in general, really) ^u^

We went to Guess What, which was small and a bit crowded, but has no time limit so we could sit and chat for a long time!
Doro: giraffe, XiaoLu: bear, XiaoWang: bear, Hako: horse, Niya: bear, Laina: deer, Me: zebra/giraffe, Teddy: bear
The cafe logo is a large animal too!  Although mystical...

My shoes are old and dirty so Teddy is covering it!!

Very windy!

 We had lots of chats about lucky packs because several of the Lolitas spent the new year in Japan buying lucky packs.  I personally tried for the BABY lucky pack online, but did not manage to get one.  Laina and Hako are both selling BABY lucky pack JSKs but I'm torn between either saxe or lavender!


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