Saturday, April 30, 2016

Art Revolution Taipei 2016

It's that time of year again!  Or it was, from April 21-25; Art Revolution Taipei!  I did not take as many photos this year. The majority of exhibits were still traditional art, which is beautiful, but honestly looks much the same after seeing dozens of them -_-;

Still, it is really nice to see the gorgeous and unique things people create from all over the world!

Of course, I stayed mostly at Ano's area ^_~
Onward to art!
Door Gods
 Pixelated door gods to protect your home!  I remember we put door gods on our garage doors when I lived in Rochester, MN.  After we moved, we never replaced the gods though :o

This artist creates beautiful and colorful pictures using a series of fine lines.  They seem like colorful nervous systems making up a picture!

How many game food/energy sprites can you recognize here?
Focus In and Game Food
 Absolutely ADORABLE art here!  Dim sum + hamsters!

This little mountain pig looks like it'd appear in an RPG or mobile game!

Rainbow dinosaur!
 A more traditional piece

Another more traditional piece.  There was a whole fishing series across this wall.  The details are amazing!

 Miniature pixel 2.5D portraits!  Can you recognize these famous artworks in such low resolution? ^_~

Do you know the Chinese children's song about two tigers?  There is some discrepancy about what the second tiger is missing (the first is missing its ears) so it's all "blurry" as well

On the first day I wore a dress and headband I made and a vest from Peace Now:

This is by a Ukrainian artist.  I'm not sure if it's just a humorous filler piece (titled "Me") but all her artworks were round like this!

Third day, the same day as the Lolita meetup!
This painting is by Aer Lu, depicting himself (the little girl), Ano (the red panda), and Mickey Huang (a TV host/hobby photographer as the lemur) changing the world.  Quite and interesting piece!

And on the last day I wore bright colors!  I made the necklace myself :3
These photos were taken by one of the ladies also helping out at ART.  I'm not sure what application she used, but it made everything super bright!
Top: Crazy Bomb
Skirt: Classical Puppets