Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Recent Sewing and Other Projects

It's been quite some time since I've done a sewing post.  After dropping out of school I actually completely stopped sewing for about a year, taking on only a few commissions and very few personal projects.  Then, at the beginning of this year, I suddenly took a big style change, but did begin sewing and crafting again.  Here are some photos of things I've made so far this year!

First is quite a simple fishnet sweatshirt that I made for Ano:

Then I made some simple hair accessories.  The bat wing clips are available on my Storenvy currently!
I also made a kinda silly "monster" set of hair ribbons.  Haven't actually worn them yet.  They were a bit spur-of-the-moment!  When inspiration and motivation happen to strike at the same time, you don't hesitate!

 Then I moved on to more clothing items.  First is a spiderweb pattern tank top with a lace back:

 Then a couple of chokers.  The base is actually detachable bra straps!  They are from old bras, so I thought I'd repurpose them.  The inside is plush and soft and comfortable to wear; perfect for chokers!
Spooky skull moth thing

 Then I finally completed this old project.  It was originally going to be a kigurumi pajama, but I did not have enough fabric so I made it into a hoodie instead for Ano!

Then I made a spooky dress:

And you've seen this skirt in my last meetup post.

This jacket uses the same print in a different color, red.  I'm not completely happy with it because  it's quite loose-fitting.  I would have preferred a tighter fit to avoid looking baggy or chunky when worn, but the overall look I'm quite satisfied with!

Then I made another necklace on the whim.  I plan to add some decoration to the bears!  It's quite the statement piece, but I wore it out to ART2016 as seen in my post.

Finally, some custom lower lashes!  I've since added more gems in varying sizes to this particular pair.  Custom lashes is quite fun, though it's incredibly finicky to work with something so delicate and small!

That's all for now.  I hope to continue creating things as I figure out just what it is I want to do with myself.  It's quite anxiety-provoking to not have a plan for your future, isn't it?