Friday, October 21, 2016

A Savory Ordeal

While Lolita fashion frequently incorporates sweets into the designs, our monthly meetup for October challenged this by using the theme of "savory foods"!!  Well, all our themes are drawn at random, and this was my suggested theme from over a year ago!

It turned out to be very challenging!  Though we joked about going for 熱炒/quick/hot stir fry food to fit the theme, we actually ended up going for a very decadent/unique dessert place called 微兜/Petit Doux!

Strawberry pancake


Honey 吉桃/Jitao

So, how did we all incorporate some savory foods into our coordinates?  Personally, I just ordered a sunny-side up egg cushion and turned it into a bag cover to put over my Swimmer purse!
Outfit Rundown
KC, JSK: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bag: Swimmer Japan + DIY
Blouse: Miaii Mussa
Petticoat: Classical Puppets
Doro lucked out by having a JSK that had a series of preserves in the print, and happened to contain some strange foods like olives and green/string beans???  Laina brought a Gudetama, and Neco... had a deer head pin... so she lost again and drew our next theme for November!

Neco, Laina, me, ad Doro
This cafe is usually busy on weekends, so make sure to make a reservation if you choose to go!  I do recommend it for if you would like some afternoon sweets, but skip the savory foods as it really adds up the cost!  There are many more places to eat nearby, so the best is to have your lunch elsewhere, and then come here to have some tea and pancakes. The servings are rather large, so the five of us (Doro's mother also came!) split two pancakes. Each pancake can serve around three people!  Having a small group is great because you can try various flavors.

OK and a bit off topic, but I did a different makeup this time, and I think it looked pretty good!!  Mostly I think it is due to using a different base. Or maybe I was having a good skin day that day.  But the base this time is Dior Prestige BB Cream (sample)
I cannot afford to actually buy a full size as I don't wear makeup often enough to use it up in time, sadly!  Samples are a life-saver!
Unfortunately I was sitting in front of the wind tunnel so my hair kept getting blown forward all frizzy!
P.S. I'm stoked to have this print JSK!!  It is from Near, and came with the KC in a bundle!

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