Saturday, October 15, 2016

National Day Meetup 2016

October 10 is Taiwan's National Day!  Also called Double Ten Day(雙十節) and we had a small get-together at a hotel afternoon tea.  As most of my clothes are packed up, I had a pretty lackluster coordinate that day...
Pink and Navy makeup
 I have some seriously dark undereye circles :(  There has been ongoing construction just behind the apartment where I live, causing a lot of noise and also a disturbance in the air pressure so some mornings I wake up with deafness in one ear. Rather annoying; I cannot wait to move!!!

So I got lost on the way to the location, which was in a confusing mess of buildings!  However, the birdcage afternoon tea sets were very beautiful and made me forget my frustrations.
Double-person set
It is hanging!
 Because we had a Gomaji coupon, it ended up being only NT$699/two people compared to the regular price of NT$12000!
This is a cat (apparently)
I think it looks like a bunny

There were many people ordering this set that day, so they ran out of double-set hanging cages. I got a single-set cage (same price for two people though) which was also nice, but did not float.

It also fit perfectly around Teddy
She's wearing blue contacts
There were three savory open-faced sandwiches. I only ate the salmon one, though, as the others were chicken and pork, which I don't eat.

The sweets were all very good, EXCEPT THAT ADORABLE CAT/BUNNY!  It was so disappointing. Though I hadn't expected the cat to taste good, as it was essentially just a solid ball of fondant, the base looked like a jelly but tasted overly sweet.  Imagine eating strawberry fruit preserves straight from the jar, but with a denser texture.  Not appetizing at all.
I actually forgot to take photos of a couple things

Though there was technically a time limit for eating, it was not crowded so we stayed for several hours, just chatting!

Outfit Rundown:
Hair corsage; skirt: handmade by me
Flowers, shoes: Taobao shops
Blouse: Miaii Mussa
Petticoat: Classical Puppets (taobao)

I didn't get a photo of the back, but my blouse has bunny ears on the collar!

Tomorrow is another Lolita meetup with the theme of savory foods so I actually went and pulled a dress out of packaging to wear for tomorrow.  I will have to re-pack when I get home ^^;

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