Monday, January 23, 2017

Bunny Lolita Meetup

On January 14 we had our January meetup at a Thai bistro/cafe! Our theme was "bunny only" and I made a new headdress for it! We met up at 她他小曼谷/Bistro Together, not to be confused with the next-door 他她小曼谷 which has a different menu, and was actually the one we wanted (they have Thai afternoon tea!) but the one we ended up at was still good!
Outfit Rundown:
KC, JSK: handmade by me
Blouse: Miaii
Petticoats: Classical Puppets
Socks: Secret Shop
Photo by Amelie

 Neco and I both had fuzzy bunny ears! We are black and white bunnies!
Neco and me
Photo by Amelie

This theme proved to be very simple for everybody ^_~
Clockwise from upper left:
L****, Taiwan Teddy, me, Neco, DORO, C****, NiYa, 小璐, ****, Amelie
Photo by Amelie
The service at the restaurant was incredibly slow! It took an hour to get our food, and those who ordered later received their orders first, and my dessert came before my mains.  It was a bit frustrating to be honest!!  The food did end up being very delicious though
Pad Thai with egg and shrimp and peanuts
 Most interesting was the coconut ice cream!!  It was SO yummy!  The coconut is fragrant and sweet and good without being sickeningly sweet

After the meetup, Doro, Amelie, NiYa, and I wandered around and ended up at Craftholic Cafe. The characters are 宇宙人 and are very popular! Though I'm not a fan of the long, thin body styles, the cafe itself was very warm and inviting in feeling (it wasn't literally warm in temperature)

It is popular for parent-child outings so there are many many children. The decor is also set up so guests can take many photos, and you can touch and hold the toys!
But I already have my own fuzzy fur baby to hold
Photo by Amelie
 The food is also all themed with the different characters. This is a good way to get your child to eat their food! Or be like us and take so many photos!
Amelie's salad!
Photo by Amelie

NiYa's cupcake!
Photo by Amelie
My cappuccino!

Photo by Doro

Photo by Doro
Thank you and come again!
Photo by Amelie

It is only a few days until Chinese New Year! I haven't got any plans for this year other than to go back to my mom's place and spend time with her ^u^

I hope everybody has had a good start to the year, stay safe at protests if you are in the USA, and let's welcome the Year of the Rooster in high spirits! (Shout out if you are a Rooster)

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