Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Washi Tape Chopsticks Case (Using Corner Punch)

Recently I've been playing with other video editors some more! So I'm filmed some crafts that I've done and practiced editing them. Though I don't have a good way to set up for easy filming, and my laptop is not quite powerful enough to run the editing program smoothly (it overheats easily and I have to stop) it's been a new skill to learn.

Here is one of the videos I made! Though there is no voiceover or instructions, I think it is very easy to understand. I was originally inspired to make a custom chopsticks case because Doro has one from Daiso Japan that she put a strip of washi tape on. I have this Cardcaptor Sakura tape I bought at a convention and it fit this case perfectly, but I wanted a neat and pretty end, so I came up with this idea to allow the tape to be firm enough to be punched into the scallop finish.

This allows me to bring my Pikachu chopsticks with me when I go out! At many roadside vendors there are only disposable chopsticks, which is wasteful, so having your own is much better for the environment!

I have a small collection of washi tapes by local artists because they are so cute! I bought five sets of Pokemon tape and cannot bear to use them because there are so few repetitions in one roll T^T  This Cardcaptor Sakura one repeats many times so it's OK to use up some of the images for me!

Thank you for watching and reading!
Do you collect fanmade goods? It's so common for fan artists to sell these items, such as tape, postcards, stickers, keychains, etc. at conventions. They're so well-made and affordable as well! It's easy to spend lots at conventions because all the little things add up.  Just tell yourself that you are supporting your local artists and it's all OK (I am convincing myself...)

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