Monday, April 24, 2017

At Crystal Symphony

On Saturday there was another Lolita Market!  This one was more professional and aimed specifically at Lolitas, though yukata and kimonos were allowed, so the entire setup seemed more fancy.  I split a vendor's table with Doro, and then Doro helped Laina sell some things and I helped Kamiko sell some things.  So basically, 1 table 4 types haha!
My half of the vendor booth
May of the other vendors were very professional, had their own brand labels, brought mannequins, heads for wigs and bonnets, etc.  Doro and I just spread everything out and smiled brightly at everybody haha!  Of course, my little helper did a live broadcast on her facebook fan page if you are interested.  You can't really see anything, as it was seriously crowded, but you can spot many very gorgeous ladies and maybe even some brolitas around.

My little helper
 I wore very light makeup that day as I'd brought only my Estee Lauder travel edition palette so I did a simple pink and brown look that pretty much gets washed out so check out the lack of sleep I got!!
Representing insomniacs everywhere
This time's market was much more high-end and the entrance fee for shoppers was $250 this time, and again, it was rainy!!!  So in the end there were only 105 customers.  They did a prize drawing so that's why I know how many customers there were haha.

I managed to sell off several of Kamiko's things and a couple of my things.  Didn't turn a huge profit but did make back more than the cost of the vendors' fee.

Afterward, Doro and I met up with Neco as I had to return a necklace she'd left at my house during the video shoot.  We had dinner and chats together and found that the top floor of the Banqiao Train Station had been done up with faux flowers are fairy lights so we also took some photos haha!
Inside top: Little Dipper
JSK: handmade by me
Socks: Secret Shop
Others: offbrand

 Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the photos/videos.  I'm taking my dreadlocks out today as well, since the weather is getting hot and I'm getting bored of the look ^^;  I cut my own hair (about 25cm) right before installing the dreads so I actually don't know how well I did on my haircut.  I guess I'll find out later today... ^_~

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