Monday, April 17, 2017

The True Treasure in Friendship

Hello my lovely readers! Sorry for such a cheesy title but our theme for this month was "treasure" so we all wore dresses with treasure chests on them.

Pondering the greatest treasure of all....
Dreads, KC ribbon, JSK, underskirt wrist stops: handmade by me
Veil: Metamorphose temps de la fille
Top: Little Dipper
Petticoats: Classical Puppets
Bag: Swimmer Japan

Mine is a small print so you can't see it in photos, but it was this mermaid print JSK I made years ago.  We also tried taking "lookaway" selfies which is where you intentionally look away from the camera as you snap the photo.  In my opinion, I just look like I don't want to be there haha!
The "lookaway"
 We met at Laina's cousin's shop.  It was difficult to find but had such cute cakes!
Such cute desserts!!

I ordered the little cactus one purely because it's cute and comes in a beaker

Cactus biscuit in custard with chocolate coffee dirt!!  So good $130
Photo by DORO

Later one of the owners came and brought their dogs!!!  So cute!!

 This place is seriously difficult to find, but it's called BOKA, if anybody is interested!
Tada!  BoKa

Advertising for BOKA!
L to R: Me, Laina, DORO

After our time is up, we wandered around and found randomly the KONCEPT x M Cafe which has some interesting design inventions sold on one side and a cafe on the other.

We didn't take many photos there but I did film a livestream on Taiwan Teddy's fan page haha!
Fruit salad

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