Saturday, September 2, 2017


I feel bad when I don't have anything to write about, so here's just a quick summary of recent events and photos to go along! I hope these lifestyle posts aren't too boring for you, dear readers. ^u^

I went shopping with a couple friends from uni last Saturday, so I wore a casual coordinate (they are not Lolitas)

All our food

We randomly passed what seemed to be an exhibit for a cartoon I really despise, but the colors had been redone to look pastel so I wanted a photo anyway!!
Crayon Shinchan
Outfit Rundown
KC, JSK: handmade by me
Top: Little Dipper on TaoBao
Bag: Swimmer Japan
Petticoat: Classical Puppets on TaoBao
Shoes: offbrand
 My friend HanWen also gave me belated birthday gifts and the eyeliner brush I'd asked her to buy for me at the cosmetics expo.  Yes, they are both very belated, but that's how we roll
I actually already have that pair of Pikachu socks, but there is never too much Pikachu

The next day I livestreamed myself trying to put together Pikachu and the Pokeball

With only a few struggles, I managed to complete it, so that gave me a boost in confidence and I decided to do Charizard next!!!!!

Excuse me, do I look anywhere as simple as Pikachu?

I also broadcast my attempts at Charizard, but I kept messing up on the wings and had to take a break! In the end, it took me two days to finish Charizard ^^; which the box says is for ages 9+

So now that we all know the relative age of my brain, check out my ultra-fast Charizard makeup to go with the toy:

"daily wearable" version

On Wednesday I had a psych appointment but woke up too early so I spent the extra time doing makeup to test out "Totally Baked Eyeshadows" from Medusa's Makeup. Since I was wearing a purple tank-top dress that day, I used Radical, a vibrant purple shade I really love.  From that collection, I also purchased Whatever and Fer Sure.  "Whatever" is more silver than gray, which is how it displays on my laptop screen.  So far I've had no trouble with them.

So then, because I am an adult with financial responsibilities, but am also ridiculously impulsive, I bought the entire Electro Eyeshadow Collection and a lip gloss (to put me over the price limit for a coupon)
What style is this???

I'm not an expert on beauty, but I might try and do a review on the eyeshadows once I get to use them more.  I feel like there's so much to think about and the YouTube beauty channels I watch have such detailed descriptions whereas I'm like "sure is a shimmering purple color you guys."

I made another teddy bear pin/ribbon/badge since my last one was sold (yay!)
I think it's very cute.  I added the ribbon on the ear myself haha.

Also bought matcha KitKat because I can @_@  I'm not a very healthy eater it seems...

Thank you for reading if you've made it this far.  I'm not sure of diary posts like this are interesting to others as they are to me, so please comment to let me know if you'd prefer more regular updates with lifestyle posts or fewer posts with only fashion/beauty-related posts?

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