Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Not so Creepy Crawlies

"Insects/Bugs" was the theme for this month's meetup (and yes, it was submitted by me)  Of course, at first it sounded really difficult... what Lolita print would have caterpillars, praying mantis, ants, etc?  But fear not, Lolitas!  There are butterflies.  
Formosan Swallowtail >>>>
By Notafly - self-made Own photograph.Taken with Ricoh Caplio 5, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4023630
So we were all feeling confident... until we went home and several of us (myself included) discovered that butterflies were not at all as common as we'd thought!!!  Flowers were accompanied with sweets and ribbons rather than bugs! At least we had a gorgeous meet-up restaurant worked out - FujiFlower
$270 or so for a massive croissant egg salad sandwich and a yummy salad!
There were real, dried flowers all over!  Now for our butterfly coordinates:
I made a new dress that happened to have a variety of butterflies and moths as a part of the background
Hat, JSK, Underskirt: Handmade by me
Everything else: offbrand
Photo by Doro

Neco found a single butterfly to add to her headdress

Can... can you see it? =_=;; I promise it's there front and center on her hair!

Doro was the only one with a full butterfly print dress ^^;  

Winner! Doro even used an actual picnic basket as a purse and it was awesome!
Laina made no attempt and wore her BTSSB Hansel and Gretel dress and therefore was "it" for drawing our next month's theme (ocean.)
Group photo!

Team Straw Hats!
The dress was actually a few stitches from being done when I wore it haha. I completed it at home and next time I wear it I hope the bustle bits/flaps will form more clear splits.  I also keep forgetting to try out the blue extension in my hair. I bought one after seeing Doro add color extensions to her hair for same variety.

Afterward, Neco and I went to Daiso (which is now $49 instead of $39) so I could scout for supplies to make the squirrel headband to match this dress.  It's actually pretty much done now, but no sneak peeks for you ahaha.  When the squirrel theme comes up you'll see.  For now, I need to find a dress other than my mermaid one for the "oceanscape" theme.

How has the weather been in your country? It was really hot on this day, but still fun!

P.S. bonus photo:
Our two Mama-to-be have expectation dates only about a week apart!!  Combination parties forever!

Our mystery Lolita just came over to drop something off for Laina.

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