Sunday, November 12, 2017

Lolita Garden Market II

On 11/11 there was another Lolita market held by Lolita Garden. I got a last-minute vendor spot, and hurried to make some new accessories. This time I added floral headbands and coffins to my collection. I also brought my dressform, Caroline, so I could display more things.  Still, I find that selling accessories just looks a right mess as you can see below:

WAY messy and unorganized

I was splitting a table with Qiqi, who had brought an entire clothing rack for her dresses! (That's actually her up there in the left hand corner wearing navy blue Lolita with floral kimono)

There was light rain in the morning which was a bit concerning as rain drives people to stay home, but luckily the rain stopped and so the market was quite busy!

Despite the horrendous state of my table layout, I did quite well. I'm also still helping Kamiko sell her things and picked up a package from Hong Kong Disney for her from our friend who was visiting from Hong Kong.

Needle-felted mushrooms on a comb

Also in spooky colors
 I had such a wide variety of items that it was even overwhelming to me to try and remember what was what.
Guro-kawa bear necklaces

Needle-felted cat ears

Large coffin hair pin

Warm-toned headband

Cool-toned headband

Mixed headband
I appear to have forgotten to take a photo of the bunny headband that I sold!!!  It was very adorable in my own opinion and several people expressed interest and tried it on. Many of the newer alternative girls seemed to be scared about wearing such a piece on the regular, though. In the end, one bunny-lover did buy it and I'm glad it went to somebody who loves bunnies as much as I do!

Some dresses and skirts were sold as well, which is the best because they're heavy and take up a lot of room to carry back and forth @_@  One of the ladies even remembered me because she'd purchased the Mother Goose skirt from me! She described how she coordinated it and I'm really happy that the customer loves it so much!

It was also lovely to see just how many gorgeous Lolitas and other alternative styles (steampunk, aristocrat, etc.) there were . I am posting the photos from Lolita Garden's event facebook page

I have plans to make a staircase display case so the accessories are not such a mess for the next market. I've also made custom packaging for the chokers and bracelets as it was difficult to tell what it looked like just sitting on a table.

All in all, I had a lot of fun. Wish I'd sold more, but am glad about how much I did sell.

Do you like handmade Lolita goods (maybe have flaws) or would you prefer factory-made, more perfect items? 
The foreign brand there this time was Baroque, which I believe is Japanese(?)  They had lucky packs though I was too busy to even visit any other booths!

Thank you for reading and I hope you had a great 1111 and maybe scored some great sales on websites that do 1111 sales!

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