Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween Meetup at Miss Strega

Despite all the preparation I'd done for my Halloween party, not a single person showed up so I'm very grateful that Neco invited me to this Halloween Lolita Meetup with a different group of Lolitas than I usually hang out with.

I also made this winged coffin the night before and altered Neco's dress the day of the meet! I was very tired =_=;
Tried out my new lashes as well

Two of the Lolitas (who hosted the Harajuku market sales I'd been a vendor at) had these pixel glasses! Everybody had a lot of fun trying them on.
I wore my chomping bear top with a Putumayo JSK and AnP top
 The time slot we got at Miss Strega only allowed for sweets and drinks. I ordered this fantastic fruit arrangement! The lighting was difficult to get -_-;; But the apple at the front is a swan!
The waffles had such a unique texture, similar to mochi. There was not much flavor to them though, so many girls didn't finish their waffles. I only managed half of mine with the fruit added for flavor. I really adored the mouth-feel of them though!

The rules at this meetup were 75%+ black, orange, or purple. So even Teddy followed the rules and dressed up as Charmander!
Afterwards Neco and I went to Ximending to walk around and find something savory to eat.  I also finally paid the last bit and picked up my handcuffs belt I'd had on hold for... three months?  Haha!!

Overall, it was nice to meet new people and turns out that Teddy is already facebook friends with 口木 because of the aforementioned vendor event.

So though I had nobody to play the board game Mysterium with, I still had a nice Saturday!
What did you do for Halloween? Did your local group have a meetup?

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