Saturday, December 2, 2017

Pokemon Pop-Up Cafe in Taipei

November's Lolita Meetup did not take place here, but since I missed the meetup, my friends all came to Pokemon Cafe with me after the actual meetup ^^;  I have the best friends.  This is like November Meetup Extra Content
Welcome to Heaven
 I arrived first around 2PM and used the touch-screen to get a number.  We were number 123. The number the cafe was up to at the time I was reserving, was 20.  Yes, we waited more than 100 numbers for this.
Alola Edition
 The staff didn't seem to really mind people walking around though, so I just went in to take photos and video of the amazing inside!

Located on 2F of a department store in shopping district XiMenDing, I was impressed with the attention to detail and the setup compared to other pop-up cafes I've been to.
 One this I found really cool was the lattes! You can get any one of these pictures on your latte using the power of Pure Magic a food spray printer
Who do you choose??
 I chose Pochama for my latte (NT$180) and the picture was very slightly blurry on the foam, but overall, very impressive!  There were these little print-out  Pokemon that could stand up so I got the matching Pochama to compare to my latte picture!
Pochama Latte
 The Pikachu rice and curry Amelie ordered has an edible face-print on rice paper (this is why Pikachu's mouth is reflective in the photo)  The veg was cut into hearts and stars shapes!

I split a mintaiko pasta with Doro.  Our Pikachu bread appeared to have lost the bottom half of his face in the toaster. Without the big smile and cheek circles, Pikachu sort of looks like a bunny.
Doro and I shared this pasta! Our Pikachu didn't turn out well and looks like Peter Rabbit instead
 Neco also got a dessert! The middle layer of white chocolate is floating in midair thanks to the power of happy thoughts.  Also strawberries, but I think it's mostly happy thoughts.

The lighting wasn't very good for getting outfit shots, but the focus here is the Pokemon anyway haha

Who's your favorite Pokemon? It's so hard to choose favorites, isn't it?  The newest favorite for me is 木木梟/Mokuro (Alola grass starter) and oldest favorite is Ponyta.

The pop-up cafe is scheduled only to last through January but the little table signs said "test selling" so I'm not sure if they'll extend it if it continues to be so successful.  During the "test selling" period everything is 10% off as well (yay!) so if you happen to be in the XiMenDing area, check it out at the eslite building!

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