Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ribbon Tights DIY

This hardly requires any direction, but I wanted to share how I upgraded my pink tights!
I haven't worn these in ages simply because the shade of pink is slightly off from my other pinks (other Sweet Lolitas, you understand the struggle!)

So I decided to add a contrasting color so I can wear these with other coordinates.
It is really as simple as it looks. Tie small ribbons (seal them by sewing or gluing inside the knot) and then stitch them carefully to your tights. I opted only to stitch them to the lower legs so they wouldn't get in the way of my bloomers and petticoat.\

Tip: Stitch with a thin thread and needle so as to not risk creating runs in your tights!

Remember to finish the ends of the ribbon with a bit of  fire so they don't unravel as well. I added five ribbons to each leg, three on the outside and two on the inside. I don't recommend adding to the back as that area is much more likely to get caught on chairs when seated or crossing your legs.  I made way too many ribbons (originally ten for each leg, but that looked so crowded and messy) so I'll have to find another pair of tights to do this to!

Tip: You can also add multi-color ribbons if it suits your wardrobe! I have a pair of unicorn tights I may add pink and blue ribbons to to help distract from a Mysterious Stain by the knee.

This is a relatively quick project that can be done while you're watching a movie (or Youtube) and breathes fresh life into old clothes!  That's upcycling at its best!

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