Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Chocolate Models Meetup

Rilakkuma Cha Ya!!!
nom nom nom
 On April 8 we had our chocolate model meetup as well as a ceremony for Laina's baby girl (three-month anniversary).  She had special-ordered cookies that were insanely adorable!!

Absolutely adorable! 
We took turns saying a line of blessing to the baby and then having her kiss one of the cookies strung on a red ribbon into a necklace around her neck.  She ended up sucking on the teacup one for a bit and is teething already!

Then we had our food, which was really good
Rice with tea

Raindrop cake of Rilakkuma!

We then went to a DIY exhibit where some Japanese and Taiwanese handmade artists had gorgeous goods!  But being on a tighter budget than usual, I couldn't buy anything.

Nearby is a collaboration cafe with the theme of my Melody, so that was where we headed next!
Pretending to wear her hat
 Unfortunately the CP value is not so good.  The food cost $320 but did not taste good and was not very filling.  It was a disappointment but at least we got some photos while the sun was out.  The lighting inside the restaurant was too dim to take decent photos once the sky darkened.
So I sadly do not recommend Amandier unless you just want to take photos or have children who like My Melody.

Overall it was a nice day and I'm glad I got to spend it with good friends!

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