Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cybergoth Photoshoot + Industrial Dance

On the 28th I did a photoshoot with Images by Kenny with the theme of Cybergoth.  I got to practice my styling skills on neco (her photos are all photoshopped much thinner though, which is NOT something I promote.  Love yourself the way you are!)
We found some neat areas at Ximending, a youth shopping district

I also made my fluffies and neco's fluffies myself!

I lent neco my first ever set of dreads I made!

There was a trash-made Godzilla in the park that was fun to take photos with!

Pretending to ride the Godzilla into battle
Don't worry, I didn't touch any of the Godzilla spikes for real.  I'm afraid of getting tetanus ^.^;  Kenny and I actually met the artist who made this Godzilla a while ago when we were just wandering around Ximending.

Closeup of Neco's hair/make/choker by me

Trying to get a freaky angle shot which would likely have worked better with a fish-eye lens

Finally, I filmed an entry for Ciwana's Industrial Dance Contest!  This was my first time doing industrial dance like this, and I don't think my movements are sharp enough, but it was still fun!  The music is by my friend's band (now defunct) roughhausen - [sic] Fuk
Thanks for reading!  I hope this post wasn't too photo-heavy ^_~

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