Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bright Rainbow Makeup

Who loves bright colors?  And rainbows?  And other happy things?  I did a rainbow shironuri look on my Bigo live broadcast recently and decided to adapt it for a daily-wear style makeup!  This type of look would probably go well with fairy-kei, simple black and white Mode looks, or super colorful 6% Doki Doki/galaxxxy styles~

I have many ideas for rainbow makeup, but decided to start with the easiest.  Putting only three colors on each lid makes it easier to see the colors clearly and to blend them better.  I really want to try a rainbow cut crease as well!

Products used are linked in the YouTube descriptions of each video if you are curious!

Chinese version:

English version:

Sorry that I've been only uploading makeup looks recently.  I haven't been feeling well enough to leave my hermit hovel recently, but hope to be able to meet up with some Lolita friends soon as one of our Hong Kong Lolita friends is visiting!

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