Sunday, December 23, 2018

December Lolita Meetup

Happy Holiday Season!!  Thank you for continuing to read my blog ^u^v  I hope you are all doing well.  Recently Doro and I met up for our December Lolita meetup, but were unable to go to an escape room (our original theme) due to lack of participants (everybody is so busy now!)

Instead we went to a cake buffet and a Snoopy pop-up exhibit outside a SOGO department store!
Hair Scrunchies: Daiso Japan
JSK: Handmade by me
Petti: Classical Puppets
Shoes: Sosci (on taobao)

We didn't really take many photos with the Snoopy setups, and just took photos with the icicle lights instead because they are pretty XD

The cake buffet we went to was a bit small and crowded, but had some nice desserts (and some savory foods)

How are you celebrating the holidays?  We ended up not having a Christmas meetup this year T^T  Getting older and having responsibilities is no fun!

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