Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Books ONLY March Meetup

March went by so fast!  We had our monthly meetup at the end of the month, on March 30 with the theme of Books Only!

The only book print I have is this Re Ci Pe for the Endless Dream skirt I got in a 2015/2016 lucky pack!  The way mine is gathered doesn't show the print properly, but Lolibrary link above has better photos of it ^_~
Petti: Classical Puppets
Socks: Secret Shop
Everything Else: Offbrand
We went to a nice little cafe called Smith&Hsu which has a wide variety of tea with tea samples to smell to help you choose your tea!

I was recovering from a tummy bug, so had just open-faced sandwiches (there are two-person afternoon tea sets available), and they were very good!  There is a bit of tea sprinkled on top for flavor, but the other spices were very good, too.
 I swapped one piece with one of Doro's!
 Unfortunately we did not get a good group picture, so here is one of me and Doro ^_~

Afterward, some of us went to visit Qiqi at her work (a Kyoto kimono shop) as it was nearby, which is where I took the outfit snap at the top!  They have a photo studio there as well as kimonos, yukata, and accessories to buy or rent.  There is also a hair and makeup artist to help with styling!

 I'm not going to make it to the April meetup as I am leaving on the 22nd O_Q and I'm going to miss everybody so much!!!  *crying internally*

Thanks for reading!

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