Thursday, April 11, 2019

Sakura Blossom Viewing and Weird Exhibitionist Tale

Yesterday Kamiko and I went to see sakura blossoms before it was set to rain and we got there just in time! Today is so rainy!  The place we went had both Japanese and Taiwanese sakura trees (the Japanese are a paler, milky pink, and the Taiwanese ones are a darker pink)
Blouse: Little Dipper

There was also a very large temple, 竹林山觀音寺 that we went to (no photos inside, sorry!)
Photo from across the little river.  The weather was beginning to turn!
We went to the park and walking path across a small river to take a walk and get photos.
Traditional style building

Nearby park with Formosan Black Bear!
 On our way back, I was taking a video of Kamiko for her and directly after we finished, we rounded a corner and ran into a older man with his pants down sitting by the riverside and taking a photo or video of himself O____O;;

Luckily, he didn't seem to be a flasher as he sort of jumped when he saw us, pulled up his pants, and quickly ran off. Awkward, but a bit hilarious as well?

Then we went to have a light, late lunch!

Overall, it was a very nice day!

What springtime activities do you like to do?  My friends in Minnesota have told me that it just snowed again O_Q  I hope it all goes away by the time I move there!!

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