Monday, October 18, 2021

Halloween Pull-Tab Card

During my time away from social media I've been getting back into making interactive cards.  This card is unfinished, but I really only need to put it on a card base and write PULL or put a pull ribbon on the tab so I thought I'd share it anyway! 

Pull tab extended

The card has two ghosts hidden behind little houses that pop out when you pull on the tab! 
Ghosties hidden!

I did mess up a LOT on this card.  I watch many card-making YouTubers and whenever they mention how long a card like this takes, it seems they usually get it done in around 1 hour.  This is 4+ hours for me and I am STILL not done!  I want a matching background paper (the one I originally bought is orange/white stripe and I don't think it matches) to mount this on, plus the card base of course.

Texture of the black paper

The images are all stamps that I stamped and colored on white cardstock, and the background is yellow construction paper that I tried ink blending on!  I don't have any of the specialty ink-blending brushes, so I used a cosmetic sponge.  It was a bit difficult, but I think the final effect at least is recognizable as a moon in a night sky.

My first time trying ink blending!

Despite the struggles and frustration, I still enjoyed making the card and am pretty happy with how it turned out.  There are mistakes you can see from certain angles, but overall it's still ok!

Thanks for reading and I hope you are doing well!  I hope to be able to make more interactive cards in the future!

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