Saturday, January 30, 2010

Doll Face~On Beauty and Facials

Pretty face starts with pretty skin.  If you don't have good, clean skin, then even if you cover up with makeup, in the end you are just wearing a makeup mask.  Makeup should highlight your good features to draw attention away from your not-so-good features, not completely give you a different look.  You should never be ashamed to go out without makeup on.  It is not your shield against the world!

I would like to be able to make a Doll Face series on this blog talking about skin care and beauty.

The first part I would like to talk about today is the very basic skin care.  It is not necessary to use many cleansers or expensive creams in order to make your face beautiful.  In fact, usually simple is better!

Too much cleanser can dry out your skin, making it flaky and feeling tight.  Or your skin may overcompensate by creating more oil, resulting in breakouts and a greasy complexion.  Both we would like to avoid at all cost!

How should one clean the face?  First of all, determine if you need a commercial cleanser at all.  I only use a commercial cleanser (Burt's Bees deep cleansing cream) once a week.  Try some experimentation to see what works best for your skin.  Chances are, you do not need it every day.  I just wash my face with water morning and night, apply a moisturizer, and I am ready to go :)

Once a week I like to give myself a mini-facial.  here is a good instruction on how to give yourself a facial.  It feels luxurious and it also is good for your skin!  In place of the exfoliation scrub, I do a microdermabrasion treatment.  It can be expensive to buy the equipment for microdermabrasion brush and creams, so I actually just use an electric toothbrush ^^;  I bought a kid's Hello Kitty electric toothbrush because the bristles are softer, and it is cute :)  Also, it only cost $4.99 on sale (plus it came with Hello Kitty toothpaste!)  I noticed that my milia has been reduced significantly since I started to use it.  One should always be careful around the delicate eye area, of course, to avoid pulling on the skin that creates unsightly bags or wrinkles.  Be sure that you do not overdo the microdermabrasion, or it can actually harm your skin!  It takes off the dead skin cells and boosts circulation, but too much scrubbing can scratch newly formed skin and cause redness.

This is the style of kit I got.  Mine is a bunny type Hello Kitty (she wears a bunny suit) and is super cute!

I recommend this method of cheap microdermabrasion ^u^ Next time, I will talk about masks!

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