Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself~

Hello and thank you for visiting ABC Lolita!

First off, what is ABC Lolita?
ABC Lolita is a blog I have decided to start to post about lolita fashion and perhaps life in general from my point of view~

Why the blog title of ABC Lolita?
I am a lolita, I was born in America, but raised in a very traditional Chinese fashion because my parents moved here from Taiwan.  So I thought that it would be fun to create a blog depicting my views of the world, neither fitting into American or Chinese standards, but at the same time belonging to both!

Who are you?
 I am Grace, an entrepreneurial girl with big dreams, a (sometimes overly) idealistic view of the world, and a pair of scissors.  I hope to start my own lolita clothing line someday (is that not the dream of many other lolitas nowadays?)  You can follow my LiveJournal blog for my Brand, Carousel Cafe .  My plan is to launch officially Spring 2010!
I was born in America, bilingual (English and Mandarin), and interest in French and Taiwanese (yes, we have our own dialect!  But my understanding of it is poor), a seamstress and designer, and may be moving back to Taiwan for school fall of 2010!  This year will be a big year~
I have been a lolita since 2007
My favorite Brand is BABY, the STARS SHINE BRIGHT and my first Brand item was two lucky packs from BABY!  Actually, I only meant to buy one, but it was the mad rush of 2008 where they accidentally opened the ordering window about 20 minutes too early.  I was one of the girls who ordered early (^u^);;

Have more questions?  You can ask me on Form Spring:
Ask me anything!

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