Monday, January 25, 2010

Lolita 100

I thought that the Lolita 100 meme would make a good first post!
It is rather long, so I will break it up into sections!

(1) HNと生年月日、出身を教えて下さい。(Screen-name and DOB, please tell me these~.)
Sparklewolfie, May 30
d_l icecreamskirt
This is the oldest photo of me I could find! The quality of the things I made were pretty bad ^^; I would like to say that I have improved a lot since then! This is when I was 17 years old, I believe :)

(2) 身長・体重・服のサイズ・靴のサイズは? (height, weight, clothing size and shoe size)
5'6" 135lbs. M 8

(3) ロリィタファッションをするようになったキッカケは? (why did you start to dress lolita?)
Because it looked so beautiful~

(4) 好きなロリィタのジャンルは? (which style of lolita do you like)
Sweet!! Though Classic is more easy for getting around without strange stares... but I wear sweet anyway :)
This is my number 1 dream dress - the BABY Parfait skirt in pink!

(5) 上記に対する拘りや、自分なりの定義などあれば、教えて下さい。("If you have your own definition of the above style or some strong opinion of it etc. please state it here.)I like sweet best because it feels like the energy is more HIGH and sweet, bubbly, and fun! That matches my personality too ;)

(6) ピアスは開けていますか? また、いくつあいてますか? (Do you have piercings? Where?)
Yes! One in each ear

(7) 好きなブランドは?(Which brands do you like?)
BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT will be my favorite always and forever!! I want to quote Momoko here and say something sappy, but I will not to save your sanity ;)
Also, I actually really love Innocent World... it feels like a good blend of Classic and Sweet lolita to me :)

(8) アナタの一番お気に入りのお洋服はどんな服ですか?(Which are your favourite clothes you wear?)
It is always changing because I am always making new clothes... of course right now it is the Rococo JSK which is my newest creation!

(9) ロリィタ友達は何人くらい居ますか?(how many lolita friends do you have?)
eh... a lot? :3 I like everybody! Even though there's quite an age gap in our group, I think everybody gets along pretty nicely :3 I kinda feel closer to the girls around my age though... more like we could have hung out in high school or something XD but I think we have a really good group!
This is from the most recent meetup. It was small, but a lot of fun!

(10) ロリィタをした上での一番良かったことは?(What do you love most about lolita?)
Creative expression! Or something. Actually, I just like being able to take time for myself to make myself look good. I have never done that before :D

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