Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Other Side of Me

First impressions are important. It could make or break a potential friendship! But at the same time, a first impression shows only a very small portion of an individual's personality.

I have been thinking on this point for a while now because my boyfriend is coming to Taipei this Sunday (Jan. 9), but he has never seen me wear Lolita. When we first met, I was in a summer camp and we all wore "easy to move" clothes. AKA: t-shirt and pants. Not really what I wear on a regular basis ^^;

Here I have compiled a list of points that I thought of for "first impression" Lolita outfits. I don't want to make it too over the top (not that it is my style anyway) but not super casual either. I plan on wearing a petticoat, a printed JSK, and minimal hair/makeup.

These guidelines are of course, just guidelines. It really depends on the person you are meeting!

*Go for an old-school style
Deco Lolita may be a bit much for a first timer! I would suggest some basic Gothic, Sweet, or Classic coords. Classic has the best chance of looking more "mainstream", but it is best to wear whichever style suits you the most as you will be more comfortable in your skin.

*Keep it real
Try not to cake on the makeup, and leave the false lashes, nails, and wigs at home! Not only to save yourself the risk of a wardrobe mishap, but because it is preferable to show your "real" face first (IMHO, of course). A natural look (light makeup is fine) seems more genuine. Artificial overload may give off the impression that you are not comfortable with yourself.
Recently on a certain TV show, the topic of the program was "magic makeup artists" who were ordinary girls that put on a lot of makeup every day to completely alter their look without looking like they are wearing a ton. It was pretty awesome to see the transformation! It was pretty not awesome when the girls' boyfriends were on the show and did not realize the girls were their girlfriends when they didn't have their makeup on. Moral of the story? Wear makeup as makeup, not a mask!

*Don't focus on yourself
Meaning, don't spend all your time fixing your hair/makeup, straightening your skirt, etc. While your SO may be curious about your fashion, don't spend all your time talking about it either! The focus should be on spending time together :) It's OK if you don't look picture-perfect all the time. Nobody is going to report you to the Lolita Police!

*Wear something comfortable
Make sure you can walk in your shoes, sit in your petticoat (remember your bloomers!), and that your purse can fit your necessities. Also, don't wear anything you are going to spend too much time fussing over. It would make a bad impression if you flipped out every time your precious dress came in danger of being dirtied. Save such pieces for meetups and other special occasions! It may also be preferable to leave the Ultimate Cupcake Petti of Doom at home and opt for a lighter one. Petticoats are one of my bigger concerns when wearing Lolita because I try not to hinder others' convenience with my fluff. Don't take up more than one seat on the bus or subway, and try not to cringe if crowds crush your petti flat! You can always re-fluff later :)

Here is a Polyvore example of an outfit:

The main dress is not overly fancy, but still cute!
The blouse is a "school style" blouse so it has the cute collar, but is not overflowing with frills.
Plain knee socks with white lace top are a nice basic.
I chose knee-high boots but black mary janes would work too.
The headbow is current and stylish, but not head-eating. Head bows are becoming much more mainstream, so this medium sized bow paired with straight hair or pigtails would make for a simple but lovely hairstyle.
The purse is really something I just love! It is the point of focus for this outfit, cute, and soft-style so you don't need to worry too much about it getting banged up! I have seen a woman carry the panda bag from this line and it looks very nice in person!

I hope that everything goes well! We may or may not be meeting up tomorrow, but for sure on Wednesday! So I have two outfits planned and will make outfit posts at the end of the month :)

Share your "first impression" Lolita outfits in the comments? I want to know what your wore, who you were showing for the first time, and how it went!!