Monday, January 17, 2011

Belle's Library~Deka Wanko Lolita Detective

Apart from Shimotsuma Monogatari/Kamikaze Girls, Paradise Kiss and Godchild, I haven't seen proper Lolita clothing in many mangas. OK, I am not really a big manga-reader either, so there may be more that I am missing! I have been reading this manga series, Deka Wanko, about a detective with a dog-like sense of smell (erm, yes, that is strange, but it really is an interesting series!) and she wears Lolita fashion!

Image from One Manga

Now just having a Lolita character isn't enough to get me to read a series, it has to have a good storyline too! As I mentioned before, Deka Wanko is a detective series, so it is a bunch of mini-mysteries. I am a BIG fan of detective/mystery stories! From Nancy Drew (oh, my childhood!) to CSI, I love watching the characters piece together all the clues and evidence to solve the crime!! If you are into this type of story, Deka Wanko is great! The dog-like sense of smell detail is a bit out there, but there is a lot of normal detective work too.

Hanamori is not your typical pretty, pretty princess Lolita. She is clumsy, childish, naive and easily excited, but determined to prove herself as a police officer. Her overly enthusiastic attitude sometimes gets her into a bit of trouble while solving cases, but overall I find her a cute character! Is that because her childish attitude is similar to mine? Haha yes, I think I will work on improving myself... anyway, read on to see more!

I have been reading the series on the livejournal community DekaScanlation, which is a fan-run scanlation community.

It is also being made into a drama! The actress is wearing legitimate Lolita fashion

Image from livejournal community Japan_Now
This is her in a Putumayo JSK.

The series' first episode is out already, but untranslated. You can watch the clip at DekaScanlation here.

What do you think so far?

Have you read this series? If so, do you like it? Or will you be interested in picking it up now?

Also, are there any other Lolita mangas that I may have missed? Please share in the comments if you know of any!