Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kick Off 2011 With Some Videos and Goals!

How was your first day of 2011? Have you made any resolutions? I made a list on my livejournal for 2011 which specific, measurable, and reasonable goals. Last year my list had some vague goals and that made it difficult to follow or measure success.

I'd like to share two videos with you all:
One is the Taipei 101 firework show for Taiwan's 100th year of independence! It was extra epic this year and I am so stoked I could be there for it! I had a very difficult time editing and uploading the video (it took 4 tries... and over an hour long each time!) but I hope you enjoy it!

The second one is a short New Year video by Kawaii Girl Japan featuring Lolita idol Misako Aoki! She is wearing a kimono, but with Lolita accessories (including BABY's furry beret)

I wore lolita to the celebration, but without a petticoat because I knew it would be insanely packed! Being in a crowded area for a long time, I did not want to bother anybody so I kept things simple with a basic JSK over a ruffled turtleneck, knee socks, and flat boots.

I made a post about my 2011 Resolutions and would like to include some of them here.

The Coordinate Challenge is something I would like to include you all in! I am thinking of very general challenges for each month to force myself to try new styles, colors, etc. I am not very creative in my coords :P Would anybody be interested in joining me for this challenge? My January Challenge is ultra-simple: COORDINATE IT WITH BLACK!
Wearing black? Coordinate it with more black! Try to bring more detail into the outfit to make it more interesting
Wearing white? Flashback to the very roots of Lolita Fashion with a BxW coordinate!
Wearing pastels? Hey, pastels work with black too! I think this is a very nice take on sweet style, bringing in some dark colors
Wearing jewel or neutral tones? Black can create a nice background canvas for classical colors such as ivory, dusty rose, etc. Elegant jewelry can really bring light to a classical look.

Tutorials, of course, would be posted here! So I will need some input from my readers. What would you like to learn from me? It can be anything from sewing (save for tops - I'd like to perfect that before I try teaching it!), nail art, cooking with limited supplies, etc. I cannot guarantee I will actually be able to make a tutorial for everything, but I'd like to hear ideas!