Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flora Expo Lolita Outing!

Taiwan opened an amazing, awesome Flora Expo last year and it is ongoing until April 24 this year. On Wednesday I went to see it with my mom and my old Chinese School teacher. The Expo is HUGE! So we only got to see a little bit of it, but it was fun!

I wore a simple Lolita outfit and carried a parasol because it was quite hot. My camera ran out of batteries partway through the day, but I have a couple pictures to share!

Me in front of a wall of flowers!

I love this type of rose. The colors are so beautiful!

As we all know, everything in Asia requires a mascot

Or two

Or three.... Actually, there are 6 mascots in total, but I only got these photos :(

This 3D picture is made with REAL dried flowers!

Something wonderful I noticed while at the Flora Expo, is that food prices are not hiked up.
In Minnesota, we have a State Fair, a Valley Fair amusement park, and Renaissance Festival. In ALL of them, food prices are RIDICULOUS. Think US$8 for roasted corn. I can buy corn 10 for $10!! (Side note: corn is expensive here in Taiwan :( Sad face!) The food prices at the Flora Expo were comparable with regular street food prices. Cue guilt-free eating at Expo! My family rarely if ever bought food at fairs and festivals due to the high prices (stereotypical frugal Chinese parents...) so this was an extra fun experience!

Which makes me curious, Readers, do you usually buy festival/fair food? Do you save up specifically for the event or just try not to buy too much? I know some people save up hundreds of dollars JUST FOR FOOD at State Fair!

Also, Do you like to wear Lolita to festivals/fairs? I won't go into too much detail about rude ninja photographers I encountered (let's just say there is now an album on my FaceBook called "Pictures of People Taking Pictures of Me"), but 4 parkfuls of flowers seemed the perfect place to get Lolita photos taken! I have never encountered ninja photographers while in MN. They always asked. Either that, or they were so ninja that I didn't notice

Hope you had a fun week! Let me know your answers!