Friday, April 22, 2011

We Love Japan! U-Stream Program

Today I discovered an online streaming program which will start streaming this Sunday (the 24th). It is called We Love Japan! The first theme will be Lolita fashion, with Mr. Sakurai Takamasa as the MC and featuring Lolita idol Misako Aoki.
今天發現了一個網路撥放節目叫做We Love Japan! 週日開始撥! 第一個題目是蘿莉塔服。美沙子會上節目喔!

Using the fantastic Google translate, I THINK the "admission reception" application allows 10 foreign Lolitas to be a part of the show using u-stream. The application details are here. Hopefully somebody with actual Japanese-reading skills will do a better job of translating ;)

I'm excited to see this and hope it will have English subtitles.... Be sure to tune in and check it out!
很期待這節目! 希望會有英文字幕。。。