Friday, April 1, 2011

Gothic and Lolita Bible Trend for Spring!

Spring is here! I downloaded the latest Gothic and Lolita Bible, and as I was flipping through the pages, the one thing that stood out to me most was: braids.

Half the models had a braided hairstyle! I love it! Braids keep your hair up without needing much product, heat stylers, or too many bobby pins (depending on the style). It doesn't damage your hair like teasing or heat curling/straightening, but has lots of visual interest. Braids can be fancy or casual, Classic, Sweet, or Gothic, and can work with many lengths and textures of hair.


Braided Pigtails
I like to wear braided pigtails because it is quick and simple. You can make "puffy" braids by pulling on the finished braid to make it looser and wider. I like to wear mini-bows on the ends of my braids in a coordinating color. Braided pigtails with all or some of your hair keeps it out of your face and looks very Country or Classic Lolita!
If your hair is shorter, you can try half-up pigtails by using only the hair from the top half of your hair. The braids will be thinner and longer than using all your hair

Looped Braids
From braided pigtails, you can make looped braids. Bring the ends of the braids up towards either the starting point of the braids, or to to top of your head and secure with a couple of bobby pins. Misako Aoki often wears her hair this way with a beret or a big headbow. It looks very cute and is fairly simple. Experiment with different loop sizes to see what looks best on you!

Braid Buns
Another way variation on the braided pigtails is to wrap them into little buns. This is super cute and would look lovely with Sweet or Classic Lolita

Crown Braid
This style is a little more difficult to do, but still pretty easy. Just braid one or more locks of hair from the base of your neck and wrap it over your head to the other side. Keep in place with a few bobby pins.
Another way to do a crown braid is to French or Dutch braid across your head from one ear to the other. This is a bit more difficult, but with some practice, you can do it!
Vary the thickness of the braid(s) to change up the look. Accessorize with roses, pins, clips, or bows. Or even make a "braid rose" for a unique look! Take a braid and roll it up on itself to create a layered spiral, which is your rose.
Here is a tutorial for making a Dutch braid type crown braid, and shows the braided hair corsage too!

Side Braid
A big side braid looks elegant and romantic. Make it neat or messy. Add some texture by braiding smaller braids into the large main braid, or combine it with a crown braid! This is also very quick to do (unless you are adding many many small braids, of course!)

That's it for the quick write-up on braid styles from the GLB39! Take some time to practice these styles at home :) To finish this off, have a cool hairstyle made of rope braids:
Pretty and PUNK!