Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Anonymity Online

Hiding one's identity online is a little more serious here than in America. Generally, we post our meetup photos, daily outfits, friends, etc. onto communities and blogs without censoring our faces. Here however, everybody always photoshops an image over everybody's face to conceal their identity. In fact, at meetups everybody still goes by their online handle rather than their real names! I am the only Lolita who goes by her real name because my online handle (Sparklewolfie) was too long for anybody to remember ^^;

One of the images used was a brown paper bag with two black eyes. It was a funny image to see a hobo-esque face with frilly clothing and fluffy hair exploding out from underneath it! Then one day, a couple of the Lolitas actually went and made physical bags and put them on their heads before taking photos at the next meetup!

Remember this image?

So how does a group of bag-headed Lolitas look?

Pretty rad, I think!


Not only does this project help protect our identity, it is fun and silly, and still shows off the gorgeous dresses everybody is wearing!

Just an interesting little tidbit about Taiwanese Lolitas :)

How do you feel about protecting your identity online? How much of your personal information are you willing to share?
I think it would be interesting if Lolitas from other countries started making these paper bags ;) We could start a revolution of Paper Bag Head Lolitas! They're quite fun and vision is actually quite good while wearing a Paper Bag so awesome poses and group shots can be arranged :P