Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mid-Term Hiatus

Hooray! It's that wonderful time of year known as "Week of Stress and Messed Up Sleep Schedules Due to Upcoming Mid Term Tests"!

In other words, I will be quite busy and unable to update for at least a week T^T Mid-Terms were never really a big deal to me until now because I need to write essay answers.... in CHINESE O___Q

I am terrible at essay questions. I only passed my U.S. History and Political Science classes because my teachers were pretty nice about how terrible I am at expressing thoughts. And that was while writing in English. Luckily, my teachers for my Art History class and Aesthetics of Fashion class have both announced the general gist of their essay questions so I will be spending this week practice-writing my answers and learning how to write the characters I need to know/use.

To be very honest and realistic, it is HIGHLY LIKELY I will fail both of them anyway, but I still need to try my best :)

Just for fun, here's a couple of photos of stuff we learned about:

This is a Chinese painting from forever ago (can't you tell I know my stuff?) by some guy. This is actually only a small portion of the whole painting because it is reeeeeeeeeeeally long!!

This is a different painting by a different artist. Photobucket refuses to upload the remainder of the paintings and sculptures, so this is all for now :P

The poetry + paintings thing was all the rage for a while. Sometimes a painter would paint something and have a poet interpret the painting and write a short poem on it. Sometimes a rich guy would take a poem or a line from a poem and have an artist interpret it and do a painting. Teamwork makes awesome art ;)

Are you in Mid-Term Week right now? Got any crazy tests coming up? Or are you out of school already and this post just reminded you of how awesome it is to not have tests any more?