Monday, November 21, 2011

Meetup Report~ Handicraft Meetup! Making Berets

Generally, Lolita meetups consist of afternoon tea or a fun luncheon. In the US we also sometimes had meetups based on events such as a movie or going to a festival together.

Here in Taiwan, we almost always have afternoon tea and then photoshooting before being ushered out of the restaurant due to time restraints. Handicraft meetups are fun, but much more difficult to execute due to lack of space and time.

Luckily, this month we were able to get a room and bring our own cake/drinks/snacks and sit for several hours to decorate some berets!!

With wintertime just around the corner, berets are a fun and stylish way to keep your head nice and toasty warm~

Much thanks to the organizers! We group ordered the berets from TaoBao last month and the organizers handed them out and collected the money at the meetup. They also bought cakes for everybody!


I got to wear my altered Little Bear Cafe skirt and it was my first time wearing a bonnet of any sort! I made a half-bonnet from the layer I cut off of the skirt (it is a Dream of Lolita replica)



Nail Art

Doing Self-Introductions~

My finished beret! I just made it up as I went ^^; I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though!

After I got home and took down my hair I tried on my beret :) This is my very first beret, so I hope it looks nice!

See my altered skirt!!

Back view

Some tips I learned for wearing a beret from other Lolitas:
*After putting the beret on, pull it toward the back a little to show the decoration in front and prevent it from sagging forward
*Use a comb sewn to the front inside to prevent it from sliding off (esp. if wearing a wig!)
*OR use two wide ribbons sewn to the sides to tie it on
*Try wearing it to the left or right for a different look

It was a super fun meetup and I got to try 2 new headwear accessories!! ^u^v
What is your favorite headwear accessory? I think I have fallen in love with the beret! I might want to get more ^u^