Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sparkle Stitches~Drawstring Pouch

Yay I'm back! Midterms were pretty terrifying and I ran out of time to finish :( I am a little sad and disappointed, but I really tried my best so it is best not to let it get me down!

Homework is getting more intense, but I will still try to update regularly :)

Today I am posting a tutorial for a little handheld drawstring bag/pouch. It can be made entirely by hand for those of you who lack a machine :D I made this in my "Hand Crafts" class. The fabric I used was plain, but this would be quite cute made out of a handkerchief!

Ugly Photo

A bag like this is a cute alternative to gift wrap or if you happen to wear kimono or Wa-Lolita and cannot carry anything on your arms/shoulders.

*40-50公分長X寬的四方型布料/40-50cm square fabric

Hem the edges of your fabric unless you are using a handkerchief.
Fold your fabric in half right-sides together
Fold into thirds
3)把第2步驟的形狀打開,在剛剛折好的兩條線直縫。 開口的那頭要留1-2公分的空間。
Open up the folded thirds. Sew along the creases you just made, leaving 1-2cm at the top unsewn:
Red: stitching line
Blue: un-stitched space
4)縫完後將小三角型往外翻。 前後都要看到布的正面喔!
Flip one of the triangles you just sewed right-side out. You should be able to see the right side of the fabric on the front and back!
Repeat on the other side, overlapping the triangle from step 4
6)在兩個三角形重疊過的部分縫直線。 只要縫到兩成布料。 縫好應該成為雙面信封口袋的狀況。
Stitch the overlapping portions together. ONLY sew through the top TWO layers of fabric or you will sew your bag shut! This step is best sewn by hand. Repeat on the other side.
7)在來把上方的三角形往下折。 之前流下的1-2公分要一起折下來。
Fold the top down on both sides, including the 1-2cm you left un-stitched previously.
Stitch across the top to create the case for the cord
8)用一段比袋子的關渡關兩倍的緞帶從一變的縫穿過第7步驟縫的小空間,繞一圈從同一個縫出去。 頭尾留個5公分左右。(圖是由上往下看)
Take a section of ribbon/cord more than twice the width of your bag and thread it in a circle through the channel made in step 7 (use a safety pin on the end to help thread it through!)
Bird's X-Ray Eye view (looking down from the top)
9) 緞帶尾巴打結後再從另一邊重複同樣的動作。 再打個結就完成袋子囉!
Tie the ends of the ribbon/cord in a knot and repeat on the other side.
You're finished!

Please let me know if there are any steps that are not clear! I've been using my bag to carry the supplies for my Hand Crafts class :) It is quite handy!