Sunday, January 1, 2012

Meetup Report~ RinRin Dolly in Taipei

Happy New Year to my lovely readers!! How did you spend your new year? I spent mine curled up on the floor all alone painting my homework for Creative Basic class and didn't notice the clock tick past midnight XD

Anyway, I finally got some time to edit and put together a quick post about the RinRin Dolly tea party!

On Dec. 26 there was a Lolita meetup for Angelic Pretty model, RinRin Dolly! When RinRin first posted on Facebook about wanting to come to Taipei, a Singaporean lolita I'm friends with on FB tagged me in the comments so I contacted RinRin about having a tea party. At the Le Petit Fruit meetup Kitsune offered to help organize the meet, which was fantastically helpful because she knows more cafes and locations than I do :P

After we got final details we had only 2 days to put this whole even together, but with a lot of rushing, teamwork, and extra effort on Kitsune's part, it was completed successfully! The guest list filled up extremely quickly since there were only 15 seats available.

Our lovely guest of honor:
RinRin Dolly!

The lighting at Rose House is incredibly dim, but luckily Kitsune knew a cosplay photographer who was able to attend on such short notice and with his magical lighting equipment we got some nice shots!

After everybody was settled, we first introduced ourselves, how we got into Lolita, and how we know of Angelic Pretty. There was a lot of interesting translations going on since RinRin only speaks English and Japanese :P But it went quite smoothly and was a lot of fun!

Me doing my intro :P I just did mine in English and Miss Cat translated into Chinese for the other Lolitas

Sneaky photo (that's my hair on the side haha!)

Then we all had food! In order to help things run smoothly, we'd all looked at the menu online and put our orders on the Facebook event page. Then, Pigi copied down all our orders and ordered for us so we wouldn't have to take forever waiting for people who arrived a bit late or had to look through the menu. Pure brilliance, in my opinion!

I got the Rose House Afternoon Tea with Rose Latte!

After eating we had free time to take photos and play paper, scissors, stone against RinRin for prizes! It was really fun though I don't know when to throw out the sign in the Japanese version (we played in Japanese) so I messed up both times haha! Doesn't matter though, because RinRin threw scissors both times and I always throw paper first. I'm not sure why D:

Then we had free time to talk and take photos!

Group photo with my schoolmates!
Left to Right:
LOI, Pigi, RinRin, Me, Kamiko

Mass group photo!

琪琪had brought her Polaroid camera so we all took Polaroids! I am halfway blinking in mine and look bad, so no scans for you!

RinRin signed them all for us *u*

Afterwards, Kamiko and I went back to Pigi's house along with 琪琪 to get changed out since we actually both cut class to go to this meetup.... ^^;


It was a lot of fun, RinRin was very sweet and elegant in real life, and I hope Angelic Pretty will host an official event here in the future!