Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Belle's Library~Princess Syndrome

Lolitas are often compared to princesses most likely due to the extravagance and expense of our wardrobes. Even though we know that we are not royalty, passersby occasionally make the assumption that a Lolita has Princess Syndrome (and may even voice their opinions in exaggerated whispers.) I tell myself that it's sort of like people who think all Goths are Satanists. And then laugh, because it's ridiculous.

That was sort of a tangent, but the real reason I'm putting off my homework to make a quick post today is because of some Lolita in Mass Media!

One of my favorite singers, Jay Chou, recently released an MV for his new song 公主病 (Princess Syndrome) where the girls wear real Lolita from real Lolita Brands!

The outfits have already been identified to their respective brands, so if you are curious just follow the jump!

The first girl is wearing Angelic Pretty
Country of Sweets JSK

The second girl is wearing Chatilly
Chantillic One Piece

in blue

The third girl is wearing Atelier Pierrot
I won't even pretend to know its name

Anyway, that's it for my quick break :P Back to homework!

Let me know what you think of the song/title/MV! I like to know what other people think of Lolita in Mass Media ^u^